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EMODA Global Online Store membership (free of charge)
When shopping on the EMODA Global Online Store, it is necessary to register as a member (free of charge).
There are of course absolutely no charges for renewal fees, joining fees, membership fees, etc.

  • Once you have registered as a member prior to shopping, you will not need to go to the trouble of entering your delivery address and so forth when shopping.
    * Please note that an e-mail confirming the completion of your order and so forth will be sent to the e-mail address that you have registered in advance.
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Money-saving information for EMODA Global Online Store members (free of charge)
Once you have registered as a member, you will not need to go to the trouble of entering your delivery address and so forth when shopping.
It is possible to save money by using the EMODA Global Online Store points that you have accumulated when shopping.

EMODA Global Online Store points
It is possible to save money when shopping by accumulating EMODA Global Online Store points.

How to accumulate EMODA Global Online Store points

  • One point is accumulated for a purchase amount of 100 yen excluding tax.
  • If purchasing multiple products, the points are calculated based on the total amount excluding tax.
  • The points are rounded down to the nearest unit of 100 yen.
    5,040 yen (price excluding tax: 4,800 yen) → acquisition of 48 points
    714 yen (price excluding tax: 680 yen) → acquisition of 6 points
  • The addition of points for shopping is carried out after the shipping of a product has been completed.

How to use points
Once 500 points or more have been accumulated, it is possible to use them when shopping with one point equivalent to one yen.
When ordering, on the screen for “selecting the method of payment," the number points that you can use is displayed, and it is possible to select whether you would like to use points, how many points you would like to use, and so forth.

  • When shopping, it is possible to use one point for one yen.
  • It is possible to use points based on units of one point.
  • It is not possible to exchange points for cash.
  • It is not possible to transfer points to a third party.
  • If you have multiple member IDs and your points are stored separately, it is not possible to combine them.

Period of validity

  • The points are valid for one year from the last day that points have been acquired or points have been used.
  • Points for which the period of validity has expired are invalid.
  • If you end your membership with the EMODA Global Online Store, all of your points will become invalid.

Express Mail Service(EMS)
Orders placed on the EMODA Global Online Store will be shipped to you directly by the respective suppliers via EMS (Express Mail Service). For this reason, when orders are placed for multiple products, they may be packaged separately and arrive on different dates. Shipping charges are as follows. After your order is shipped, you will receive the shipment tracking number(s) from the supplier(s). You can check to see where your package is by entering the tracking number on the EMS website below:

-Serial EMS item number search

ZoneFirst ZoneSecond ZoneThird Zone
WeightAsiaOceania, North America, Central America and the Middle EastEuropeSouth America and Africa
Up to 300g900yen1,200yen1,500yen1,700yen
Up to 500g1,100yen1,500yen1,800yen2,100yen
Up to 600g1,240yen1,680yen2,000yen2,440yen
Up to 700g1,380yen1,860yen2,200yen2,780yen
Up to 800g1,520yen2,040yen2,400yen3,120yen
Up to 900g1,660yen2,220yen2,600yen3,460yen
Up to 1.0kg1,800yen2,400yen2,800yen3,800yen
Up to 1.25kg2,100yen2,800yen3,250yen4,600yen
Up to 1.5kg2,400yen3,200yen3,700yen5,400yen
Up to 1.75kg2,700yen3,600yen4,150yen6,200yen
Up to 2.0kg3,000yen4,000yen4,600yen7,000yen
Up to 2.5kg3,500yen4,700yen5,400yen8,500yen
Up to 3.0kg4,000yen5,400yen6,200yen10,000yen
Up to 3.5kg4,500yen6,100yen7,000yen11,500yen
Up to 4.0kg5,000yen6,800yen7,800yen13,000yen
Up to 4.5kg5,500yen7,500yen8,600yen14,500yen
Up to 5.0kg6,000yen8,200yen9,400yen16,000yen
Up to 5.5kg6,500yen8,900yen10,200yen17,500yen
Up to 6.0kg7,000yen9,600yen11,000yen19,000yen
Up to 7.0kg7,800yen10,700yen12,300yen21,100yen
Up to 8.0kg8,600yen11,800yen13,600yen23,200yen
Up to 9.0kg9,400yen12,900yen14,900yen25,300yen
Up to 10.0kg10,200yen14,000yen16,200yen27,400yen
Up to 11.0kg11,000yen15,100yen17,500yen29,500yen
Up to 12.0kg11,800yen16,200yen18,800yen31,600yen
Up to 13.0kg12,600yen17,300yen20,100yen33,700yen
Up to 14.0kg13,400yen18,400yen21,400yen35,800yen
Up to 15.0kg14,200yen19,500yen22,700yen37,900yen
Up to 16.0kg15,000yen20,600yen24,000yen40,000yen
Up to 17.0kg15,800yen21,700yen25,300yen42,100yen
Up to 18.0kg16,600yen22,800yen26,600yen44,200yen
Up to 19.0kg17,400yen23,900yen27,900yen46,300yen
Up to 20.0kg18,200yen25,000yen29,200yen48,400yen
Up to 21.0kg19,000yen26,100yen30,500yen50,500yen
Up to 22.0kg19,800yen27,200yen31,800yen52,600yen
Up to 23.0kg20,600yen28,300yen33,100yen54,700yen
Up to 24.0kg21,400yen29,400yen34,400yen56,800yen
Up to 25.0kg22,200yen30,500yen35,700yen58,900yen
Up to 26.0kg23,000yen31,600yen37,000yen61,000yen
Up to 27.0kg23,800yen32,700yen38,300yen63,100yen
Up to 28.0kg24,600yen33,800yen39,600yen65,200yen
Up to 29.0kg25,400yen34,900yen40,900yen67,300yen
Up to 30.0kg26,200yen36,000yen42,200yen69,400yen

Importing tax and custom fee may incur depending on items and a destination. Both importing tax and custom fee must be paid by a person receiving a package upon delivery. For actual fees, please contact your local custom office.

Tenso.com delivers Japanese goods to customers living overseas.
Your payment on this site covers the cost of the goods and packaging.
(We do not charge for the cost of sending our goods to Tenso.com's warehouse.)
The charge for sending the goods overseas is payable by logging in to your "My Page" on Tenso.com.
Please see the Tenso.com website for details.

Payment Method and Fees
EMODA Global Online Store accepts the following credit cards:

VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners,Alipay
If you select credit card as your payment method during the order process, you will be provided with fields for entering your credit card information at the end of the order.

For refund and cancellation process, please contact to your credit card company.

Paypal is an online transaction service available in 190 countries around the world. If you select Paypal as your payment method during the order process, you will be taken to the Paypal payment page after sending your order information. Enter your Paypal account details on that page to complete your payment. If you do not have a Paypal account, you will be given the option to create one. You can link your bank account or credit card to your Paypal account to make payments. Orders are valid for seven (7) days.

Returns and exchanges

  • Orders cannot be cancelled and items cannot be exchanged at the customer's convenience unless a product is defective or the wrong product has been delivered. We absolutely will not accept returns or refunds unless you have contacted Customer Support and received consent in advance.
  • Our company will cover the shipping costs for returning or exchanging products in the case that a product is defective or the wrong product was delivered.
  • The clerical processing for exchanging defective products takes time, so please contact that Customer Center in advance.
    (* If the delivery is declined, you will be charged for the round-trip delivery costs.)
  • If the wrong product has been delivered to you due to a mistake by our company or you would like to return a defective product, we will accept exchanges (if the item is in stock) or returns if we are contacted within 10 days of the arrival of the product.

Cases in which we cannot accept returns and exchanges even if a product is defective

  • Cases in which the product packaging has been opened and the product has been used, 10 days have passed since the arrival of the product, the product does not have packaging (bag, case, etc.), and the product is not in stock (In this case, a refund will be provided.)