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Privacy Policy

Acceptance Clause Regarding Handling of Personal Information

By applying to use this service, you accept that Mark-Styler will handle the personal information, that we obtain from you in connection with your use of the service, based on the protective measures that we have established and in accordance with the following provisions.

Article 1 (Purposes for Use of Personal Information)

We will obtain and use your personal information for the purposes listed below.
1) To screen and register you when you use this service
2) To notify and inform you of services and updates related to this service
3) For analysis and statistics related to our business activities and market research
4) To variously communicate with you while you use this service

Article 2 (Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information)

Within the scope of the purposes listed in Article 1, we may outsource all or part of your information to another company. In such a case, we will select a company that maintains sufficient standards of information protection and conclude a contract for the handling of personal information.

Article 3 (Providing Personal Information to Third Parties)

We will not provide personal information that it obtains to any third party except in the following situations: (1) the situation set forth in the previous article, (2) the consent of the customer has been obtained, (3) together with a company affiliated with ours, we jointly use personal information within the scope necessary to achieve a purpose disclosed to customers, and (4) we are required by law to furnish personal information.

Article 4 (Voluntary Provision)

All personal information obtained by our company is voluntarily provided by our customers. Please understand, moreover, that we may refuse to allow use of the service if needed information is not provided.

Article 5 (Dealing with Inquiries)

At your request, we will notify and disclose to you the purposes for which we use the personal information in our possession; correct, add to, delete or stop using personal information of yours; stop providing it to third parties; or delete it in its entirety. For any requests or inquiries about such matters, please click the Contact link below.

Personal Information Protection Manager
Masanori Akiyama, President & COO
Mark-Styler Co., Ltd.

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